Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: September 20

This is going to be a very dull eating week around here. So you might want to skip right on to I'm an Organizing Junkie to read some more interesting menu plans.

Monday my kids and I get to enjoy an all-day field trip, on a boat off the Jersey Shore.  We'll be eating dinner in the car on the way home.  The seminarian will probably have a burrito or burger at home by his lonely old self.

On  Tuesday we are juggling a trip to Costco for new tires, Boy Scout patrol meeting here, followed by soccer practice.  I'm thinking Santa Fe chicken in the crockpot.  People can scoop some out whenever they are ready to eat.  Everyone loves it.

Wednesday looks like it's going to be a reasonably normal day so I think I may try spaghetti and meatballs.  I've never made meatballs and my boy has been asking me to.  If anyone has any tips or great recipes to share, I'd be happy to have them.  I'm thinking about mixing turkey with the beef.  We normally despise ground turkey but I'm thinking between the sauce and some beef, no one will notice.  Unless they read this.

Thursday will need to be meatless night, but we've  already got pasta down, so I guess we'll have some kind of curry, either garbanzo bean or eggplant.  Or maybe both!   We picked up some naan at Costco a few weeks ago and it's waiting patiently in the freezer for us to try it out.

On Friday we'll have the pizza we didn't have last week.  We're down to pizza every other week now instead of once a week. I'm hoping we can do homemade pizza soon, but it's been a little too busy.  

Saturday my girlie and I will be on our own so I'm not sure what we'll do.  She will probably want macaroni and cheese or pizza again.  Maybe we'll go out.

Sunday I'm really going to do that roast beef I keep talking about but not doing.  Today was an unusually busy Sunday so we ended up have a leftover extravaganza. 

Enjoy your planning, cooking, and eating this week.  Post your plans or find some new ideas at Menu Plan Monday.  I'm late posting today; there are 284 menu plans ahead of mine!   That's a lot of ideas!


Sherry said...

You're making several of my favorites this week! Sounds great!


wayside wanderer said...

The Sante Fe chicken sounds like something my family would really enjoy and I am all about my crock pot! I'm going to make this soon! Good fall food. :D