Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday morning journal

It's a bit random today.

The men are camping with the Boy Scouts.  I slept surprisingly well last night for being the adult in charge.  Usually I am restless when the man is gone.  Maybe reading my new devotional book right before attempting sleep helped.  More on that later.

The girl and I are going to try to get to Costco to get new tires put on the car.  This could turn into a rant so I will just say we've been trying to get tires for two weeks.  We had our strategy planned, then found out that today is soccer picture day!  So we are trying to readjust.

Sure is hot around here for autumn!

I wanted to get a sunrise photo for this post but honestly?  My backyard trees are not so pretty, even with the sun peeking through them.  Maybe I'll get up before sunrise and go someplace beautiful one of these days.  

 I'm going to attempt a "Mr. Linky" here soon. Maybe even a button.  I want to stretch my blogging and computer capabilities.  It took me a long time just to get a profile pic up!  But today's not the day for that.

You can still join me in the comments and tell me what's going on in your world this Saturday morning.  Leisurely or busy?   Work or rest?  Hot or cold?   Leave a link to your own post if you like. 


wayside wanderer said...

My boys (husband and youngest) are on the first scout camp out of the year, too.

It is raining here and I slept really well, too, which is surprising. I read Legend of Sleepy Hollow before going to sleep so I was asking for it, wasn't I?

I look forward to hearing about your devo book. I have been reading Seeking the Face of God which I have found to be encouraging and challenging.

Happy Saturday!

Kerri said...

Rand is gone this week and Forrest and I are the only ones up. He's reading a book on writing Christian fiction and I'm collecting pictures of gold finches and sunflowers. It's quiet. Nice.

When the rest of the mob gets up I'll make pancakes and my oldest daughter wants to walk up to Joannes w/me.

It's nice that we are each other's favorite shopping companions. :)

Maria said...

We went to visit my daughter at college today. Her sisters are thrilled to sleep over in her dorm. When I left she was heartbroken to say goodbye to her baby brother and begged to let Dad bring him back up tomorrow when he visits.

I kidded myself those tears were for me ;)