Thursday, September 30, 2010

The messy family reforms: Food storage

I haven't given up on my messy family reform projects. I just haven't really worked on anything new lately. But tonight I hit the wall with my food storage. I have a small pantry cupboard in the kitchen and extra shelving in the laundry/mud/junkroom downstairs. I was trying to find something but was unsuccessful. Wonder why?

Is that awful or what?  I was just tossing things in there, cramming them onto the shelves.  

After dinner my girl and I set to work.  It didn't take very long to get it straightened up.  We started by clearing one shelf and putting like things together on it.   The work was pleasant and the results were good.

I tried to take the picture so the ramen wasn't so prominent, but there it is.

It is not perfect, but it's a lot better; I can find things now.  I still have a problem, though.  The shelves are pretty full but I still have some things I'd like to stock up on before bad weather comes.  More canned vegetables (I don't use a lot of canned veggies but I do like to keep a few things around), more dried and canned beans, and more oatmeal. (I also keep large buckets of flour but they just stand on the floor.)  I'll have to keep tweaking it and maybe not buy so much ramen all at once next time.  It'll be a while before we need to buy more.  

I also noticed that I am out of onions but have no space for them!  Better get those kids eating up that ramen!

It is hard for me to keep the food cupboard organized.  It seems that every time I get them just right, with like items together, I buy something new that doesn't fit in its space and it throws everything off.  How do you keep your pantry organized? 


JayLeigh said...

I'm not very good at keeping ours organized, but yours sure looks good right now! Seeing it makes me want to work on mine. :)

wayside wanderer said...

It is hard for it to stay organized when I come home from shopping and I have lots of helpers putting everything away. I can't really complain because I like that help. Except this past week two containers of ice cream were put in the fridge instead of the freezer!!!