Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Journal: September 11

Fall is in the air, and that means soccer early on a Saturday morning. Today is my girlie's first game of the season.  Other than a week-long skills camp, she hasn't kicked a soccer ball since last season. She is not a serious player.  I prefer it that way. Our family is not cut out for serious sports.   No travel for us!

This is also a solemn day, one to remember.  We lived on the west coast when the planes came down.  It was a horrible day, but not really real to us.  When we spent our first September 11 on the east coast, 6 years later, it became a little more real.  People here take it more personally, whether they knew someone who died or not. 

You can find some reading to remind you  here.  A picture that should make you cry can be seen here.

Still, we go on with our days.  What will you be doing today?

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wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful flowers. It is a very overcast day here in Texas...which seems appropriate.