Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We may not see our boy for a long time.

He started reading The Lord of the Rings last night.

He'd been avoiding the trilogy for a while. Whenever he was in need of reading material, I'd suggest it.  But he thought he wasn't ready.  That's because three years ago, when he was 10, we started listening to the audio while moving across country.  He loved it... for a while.  But then we got home and Dad started reading it aloud, at bedtime. And then we got into the mines of Moriah.  And met the Balrog.  And that was that.

But last week we watched the movies, finally. And he is hooked.

I warned him against starting at bedtime.  I told him he wouldn't want to stop.  He assured me he could.  "Mom, I can stop anytime."  OK, that's not the exact quote.

So I have this feeling that schooltime is not going to go particularly well today.  He won't fight or complain. But he won't really be here. He'll be in Middle-Earth


Linda said...

I read those as a girl and again before the movies were released....they are addictive! Has he read The Hobbit? I think that is a good place to start. It kind of gives you a good picture of Hobbit life.

Marbel said...

Oh yes. We have read The Hobbit together a few times. He's ready for the big time now. :-)

I've only read LOTR once, a very long time ago... but we expect to be studying the books next year so I will get my chance again!

Sheryl said...

LOL! Boy, does this bring back memories!

Those are Steve's all-time favorite books, and after he read the trilogy three times in one calendar year, it resulted in him being "LOTR banned" (his words.) Actually, I shelved them until he started reading a variety of books again.

Once James gets through the trilogy, you might want to introduce him to The Silmarillion. Steve loved that one too.

Sheryl said...

I should say...I never managed to make my way through the books. Too much detail, and fantasy just isn't my thing - though I do love the movies.

Sandy said...

Three of my kids are reading these together right now, the 19 year old reading to the 14 and 11 year old. It's meant late nights and lots of discussion and now the movies. Good stuff. And I think to myself, this sharing, this older teaching the younger because he wants to share it with them, is why we homeschool.

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, love this. I think this says a lot about the character of your son. I hope this is only the first of many times reading these!