Sunday, September 26, 2010

This blows my mind.

Can someone explain something to me?

One of my kids has an acquaintance whose stepfather does not like him.  Has, by all accounts, never liked him

How does a mother marry someone who doesn't like her child?   This is her minor child who lives with her and the new spouse.
Bonus question:  would you be surprised to learn that this kid has behavioral problems in school and other places?

I asked the seminarian today to please be sure, if he ever has occasion to remarry, that his new wife likes our kids.   Maybe even loves our kids. (I knew I really didn't need to ask him that.)

Is that too much to ask of a parent?  

What is wrong with people? 

I'm hoping I just don't know the whole story.  But, I think I know enough.


DADvocate said...

How does a mother marry someone who doesn't liker her child?

And, how does a man marry a woman whose child(ren) he doesn't like?

It's a symptom of our self-centered society in my book. The last time I dated, a woman who is a school teacher, she teased my daughter, then about 3 years old, about her speech impediment. (My daughter had trouble pronouncing "r"s.) I knew right then I couldn't marry her and broke up with her soon afterwards.

That wasn't the only reason. But, when you have kids you have to be extra picky and think of them more than you think of yourself. You're an adult and should know how to cope better.

Marbel said...

Yes, that is the other half of the question, isn't it?

And as for your schoolteacher friend... wow.