Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Morning Journal: Fall is in the air

The sun is just coming up. I love the way the light looks, filtered through the trees. The windows are all open and it's cold in the house!  Fall may finally be coming here.  My family is ready for cooler - even cold - weather.  We aren't summer people.   We wilt in the heat. We prefer cool-weather clothing and cool-weather food.

It's a good morning for a long walk with the dog.... or reading till everyone else wakes up... or doing some baking.  Even though I am a morning coffee drinker I feel like making some tea right now. 

We do like summer fruit, though.
You can find this blueberry cobbler recipe here.

Today we are going to check out a local Renaissance Faire.  I have great memories of Faire at Black Point in California which I attended for years.  I won't be in costume this year but I can't wait to introduce my kids to Faire. It'll be a perfect day, sunny and just warmish. 

Join me this morning.  How are you spending this Saturday?  Are you ready for fall, or wanting more summer?   Would you prefer coffee, or tea?  Or maybe some spiced hot cider?

Click on the photo for the recipe.


wayside wanderer said...

Mmmmm...the blueberry cobbler looks delish!

I'm sipping coffee, one dd is at a friends, my oldest son got up and went to Starbucks to write for an hour or so (his morning routine), oldest dd is sleeping and my husband and younger son are at a Scout work day. I can see a hummingbird sitting at the feeder and my doggie snoozing away. I hope today to clean the windows across the back of my house.

Have a blessed weekend!!!

G said...

How funny... we too are checking out a local Renaissance Faire today, and yes, I used to attend them at Black Point Forest as well.

It is damp here today, fall is definately arriving.