Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Pleasures: iced coffee and knitting

Everywhere I go now I'm running into blogging opportunities. Today I found Simple Pleasures at A Collection of This and That.

Of course new blogging opportunities also means new blogs to read. 

Today has been busy, and will be busy again in a little while, but I had a couple of minutes for a glass of  iced coffee and some simple knitting.

It's even better if I can sit down and enjoy this while my girlie practices piano.

My iced coffee is truly a simple pleasure:  leftover coffee, milk, ice.  No sugar syrups or flavored creamers.  The knitting is a simple pattern for a scarf, so I don't have to pay really close attention.

Project Simple Pleasures2

Just click on the photo to learn more about Simple Pleasures. But stop, look around, and say hi before you go!


Dayle said...

What a joy to see you at the Simple Pleasures party today! Having a favorite drink, while engaging in a favorite activity just can't be beat. Thanks for linking up. I hope to see you often.

Debbie said...

A favorite handicraft, one which you can do while thinking about whatever you want, is a simple pleasure if its own.

Then, you went and added iced coffee to the mix. This gives it not one but two thumbs up from me.

But I'd put a little flavor in mine if I had some. French vanilla maybe...

sarah said...

sounds like a gentle day...and peaceful

Kathleen said...

Knitting is a simple pleasure for me too. I don't do a lot of it any more but when I do I love it. It seems to be gaining in popularity over here too.

Jennie said...

I need a hobby like this! One that forces me to sit and just - relax! What a divine simple glad you linked up!