Monday, September 06, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I love homeschooling

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Since we're getting back into our fall routine (or trying to), I thought I would post the top ten reasons I love homeschooling. 

1.  Custom education.  My kids can learn what they want and need to learn.  They don't have to waste time on things they already know, or things they are already learning at home anyway.  (Why is recycling part of the school curriculum?) But that is almost a cliche now, isn't it?

2. More free time in my kids' days to pursue their own interests.   Like crocheting hats!

My girlie in her first hat.

3. My kids don't have to eat and I don't have to deal with packed lunches or school cafe lunches.

4. My kids get more involvement at home: yard work, housework, taking care of troublesome things that come up.. And I get more help. When I think of the things about housekeeping I never learned from my mother... 

5. We all get to read great books.  I am getting to read books I missed when I was in school.

6. Mornings can be calmer because we're not rushing to the bus or carpool.  (Of course I'm sure there are school moms who manage calm, relaxed mornings.  I've never heard of anyone like that though.)

7.  Extra-curricular activities count as curriculum.

8.  My kids face less negative peer pressure.  Another cliche, but true. And notice I didn't say "no negative peer pressure."  They still deal with it.  They also deal with unpleasant personalities and such.  But not all day, every day.

9.  We can enjoy field trips more than if we were traveling in a large pack.  We can take our time, study what we want, listen better to any speakers involved, and learn more. 

10.  We pick the worldview.  My kids enjoy learning logic and "critical thinking."   Some people don't like this but we parents are supposed to be the primary teachers of our morals, ethics, and values.  We can do that more easily if we are not competing with someone else's teaching, particularly if it conflicts with our own.

These are my reasons; they might not be your reasons.  And somewhere there is a mom who has top ten reasons she loves her kids' school.  How great that we get to pick the right thing to do for our own family, huh?

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wayside wanderer said...

Great list! Love the crochet hat! It is super cute and I really like the color!!!My daughter tried on hats like this at the yarn store but it looks like she might need to make one of her own for it to fit right and be the color she wants. First she needs to learn to crochet. :) Pesky details.

Icy BC said...

Great reasons to home-school! I like the crochet hat..

Heather said...

I've learned so much about homeschooling through Top Ten Tuesday!