Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Food prep edition

Even though we did many other things this week, it seemed like it was all about food prep.

The Boy Scout is off on a campout again this weekend. Tomorrow is the annual "no utensils" cooking night. The boys have to devise a dinner to be cooked on the fire without cookware. As far as I can tell, the only things allowed are knives and a plastic bag for mixing.

This is not his first time doing this trip, but it's his first time in charge of a group of boys. He had to plan the meal and acquire the food, then figure out how much each boy owed for his share.

This was not easy for him. His plan is chicken cooked on hot rocks, potatoes baked in the ashes, and an attempt at "bannock bread on a stick." That's just biscuit dough wrapped around a stick and held over the low fire to bake. Apparently it is something many have tried but no one has mastered.

He also planned and has to cook two breakfast, but more conventionally - he can use a camp stove and a griddle. 

It was pretty exhausting getting all set up for this 36 hour campout. But I guess it will get easier over time.

Also this week we had a fabulous field trip, went to a carnival and confirmed that we are not carnival people, and did some actual school work. Tonight my girl had a soccer game under the lights.  That is, once the lights came on. They played the first half with sunlight, but, whoa, it started getting dark.  And darker. Someone called the city about the field lights and about half an hour later they came on.  It was a long evening.

All in all, though, a pretty good week. Still, I'm glad it's over!

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Ellen said...

I'd love to know how the bannock bread on a stick turns out. I've come across it in many places (books, articles, etc), but have yetto try it. Sounds like you'd end up with blackened biscuit that's doughy in the center! Mmm mmm!

But I bet they have a great time!

wdworkman said...

Boy Scouts can be pretty time consuming. We've had about 3 "Scout Weekends" in a row now.

Janet W