Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Works for me: pocket portfolios

Last night I contemplated a post for Works for me Wednesday and was in despair because nothing is working for me. This morning I was too busy to think about it.  Other things got in the way - you know, caring for the family, homeschooling the children and all that.

This morning we started studying the US Constitution, something I've been planning for a long time. We read, discussed, and copied out the preamble, and I realized we needed a place to put our paper so we don't lose it by tomorrow when we move on. That's when I remembered that something does indeed work for me:  pocket portfolios with fasteners (or brads) in the middle.  These guys:

We use these all the time.  They are much better than binders for most of our uses.  They take up less space, stack much more easily, and are cheaper. They're easier to decorate, too, if that's important.

Believe me, this is just the start of the decorating.

You can buy these in any office supply store, or at Amazon, of course!

Yeah, something that works for me.  See more at We Are THAT family.


Carolina Mountains said...

I prefer the pocket folders too - used them as a brochure with my pet sitting business and folks thought it was great.

Kerri said...

I use those all the time too. They are so cheap and handy!

Audra said...

We use those all the time too! My kids are both under 2, so no school yet, but those folders are a favorite for our family trips. It gets filled with the itinerary, maps, schedules, contact numbers. They come in very handy!