Monday, September 06, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: September 6

Before I get into this week's plan I want to tell everyone that the Curried Ground Turkey with Potatoes we tried last week was a fantastic dish.  My family despises ground turkey but I gave it to them anyway and they loved it. Of course the turkey picked up the flavors of the spices so it wasn't bland as ground turkey usually is.  This recipe will go into regular rotation in our house. 

Last week I made most of the things I'd planned, though not necessarily on the days I'd planned them.  We also skipped one thing in favor of steaks picked up on a great supermarket special one night.

Monday:  Brined, grilled chicken - this is a carryover from last week.  We have been hearing about and tasting brined chicken for a while now; it's time to try it for ourselves.  We'll grill potatoes and have a salad with this. 

Tuesday: Samonburger and coleslaw for Dad, fried rice for me and kids.  Our convenience foods for the week.  Soccer practice and a church meeting hit our dinner hour.   I'm happy that this doesn't happen very often.

Wednesday: We may eat out as we are thinking of taking a not-back-to-school trip to the beach.  If we do get home in time to eat, we'll have the makings of tacos and burritos on hand.

Thursday: Cardamom Chicken.  This is a recipe I cut out of the newspaper years ago; it's a curry-type dish I serve with rice and either roasted cauliflower or spicy sauteed green beans.

Friday:  Moroccan-style Chickpea Soup.  Something new I'm trying from the Cook's Illustrated book The Quick Recipe.  

Saturday:  Crusty Potato Pie.  This comes from The Zinfandel Cookbook.  It's made with shredded potatoes, eggs, milk, cheese. Sometimes I add ham.  You could add vegetables. It's one of those recipes to mess around with. 

Sunday:  We are having a common meal at church, so dinner will probably be leftover extravaganza.

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Ask Ms Recipe said...

Sounds like a great menu for the week, have a great week.

Dannie said...

I do a Monday meal plan post on my blog, too! Your food sounds yummy! I do a lot of cheating by making Hubby figure dinner out once a week, having a breakfast for dinner night once a week, and having the same meal 1x per weekend.