Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Works for me: School crates

Everywhere i go people are talking about workboxes for organizing homeschool work. I've seen some beautiful pictures and descriptions of school days using them: time is not wasted looking for lost books; students know exactly what to do and in what order; Mom's time is freed up.

But it always seemed too complicated to me. And I just don't have space. So I stole a similar but smaller idea from a friend, and it works for me!

It's just a crate designed to hold hanging files from the office supply store. One per child. Hanging folders labeled with each subject area. Materials needed for that subject in the folder.

They do collect dust and can be hard to keep clean.  But we are a dusty, dog-hair family. 

There are better-looking options now. I bought my boy this blue crate, and his sister a hot pink one, for another purpose several years ago. I'm about ready to upgrade to something that looks a little nicer. There are wicker baskets made for the purpose (with rails to hold the hanging folders) but they are a little expensive for me right now. But even clear or translucent plastic would blend in better.

I bought one of these for myself. The lid helps keep the dust and dog hair out.

We do use some books that just don't fit in the crate; those live in a bookcase nearby.

Of course this still requires that people put the books back when they are done. That doesn't always happen, but I guess it might not happen with a workbox system either.

I think the workbox system looks very cool and if it works for you, you should keep using it. This works for me.

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Kerri said...

I need to go get some file boxes. My girls are ALWAYS losing their books. And if one can't find their books, one can't do schoolwork, right? ;)

wayside wanderer said...

That looks so orderly. My kids have their own rectangular buckets that they toss everything into willy nilly. One in particular is a huge messy but I feel accomplished that all of his things can be found in one container.

Sandy said...

I've always liked the idea of these crates, but they never seem to work for us. I don't know why.